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Solar “Outdoor” Classroom

​The Math and Science delivery at the Solar Outdoor Classroom is steadily expanding:

  • Our journey in the Science of Agriculture caused us to dive into Aquaponics growing utilizing water and fish. (You better believe our students were really tuned in to learn / see how fish waste grows plants better than soil) No bugs and labor!
  • We have also added about 4 more soil beds to grow Greens, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Watermelon, Green Beans, etc. (The students helped build sprinkler systems with PVC pipe to keep the beds watered with rainwater we collect)
  • ​We are adding more solar with a 1 kW Solar Ground Mount assembly that will be built by the students to power an “indoor” aquaponics process we will build that will utilize horizontal, vertical and a “Deep-water Culture” techniques.
  • The students are also building a Solar system to power / operate a gate motor on the adjacent property.
  • We may even add a little renewable energy art with some Solar Trees that will become future sitting areas to read a book or charge a mobile device. We are teaching uniquely and making STEM (Solar & Agriculture) FUN!

​​The STEM Foundation students can now truly be called, “The Youth Solar & Agricultural Ambassadors”.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
In March 2018, we held a “Ribbon Cutting” ceremony for the Solar “Outdoor” Classroom. What a grand day it was learning Solar and implementing the student’s “Green Energy Challenge” of Soil vs Hydroponics. There was all kind of STEM in the air, plus the drone, LOL! Needless to say, Math (Through counting kilowatts produced) and Science (Agriculture) took on new meanings to all in attendance.