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Board Members

President – Efrem B. Jernigan

Operations Technician, Retired  – LyondelBassel

Efrem facilitates the organizing and management of the Board of Directors, as well as, recruitment to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization. Collaboratively designs the programming of the organization for the betterment of the South Union and surrounding communities with a strong passion towards seniors to enjoy life to the fullest and youth education in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career fields to expose and prepare them for the jobs that are awaiting them.

Vice President – Alvis W. Prince

President – Houston Youth Ranch

A deep thinker that compliments the President well with a broader perspective of views that breeds a product that is as close to perfection as possible.  A true leader with over 30 years on engaging youth and adults through both community and church leadership roles. Alvis has run the Houston Youth Ranch since February of 1992 and has also worked for the US Federal Government for 32 years.

Secretary – Benny Austria

President and Founder – Payed Processing, LLC.

Benny has always had an entrepreneurial mind and worked in the financial industry for over 10 years before starting Payed Processing, LLC, a Business Solutions company. Headquartered in Spring, TX, Payed Processing has Agents in Houston and New York that handle Merchant Services, Point-of-Sale terminals, software licensing, business lending and more for all type/size businesses. Benny started as a volunteer with South Union CDC and worked his way on to the Board of Directors, then to Treasurer and now Secretary.  

Treasurer – Sandra O. Davis, MBA, CPLC

Senior Business Manager – UTMB Health

Sandra is a Certified Healthcare Access Manager with more than 25 years of experience as a Patient Access Professional. As a Senior Business Manager at UTMB Health in Galveston, she is committed to helping patients access and navigate the healthcare system. Also a Certified Professional Life Coach, Sandra is the Co-Founder & Managing Member of Evolve Life Coaching, LLC providing life coaching and motivational speaking services to empower others to transform into whom they desire to become. Truly engaged in community service and helping others, in addition to serving on the South Union CDC Board as Treasurer, Sandra is also a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Breast Cancer Support Group Facilitator and Mentor for College Students.

Board Member – Damien Smith

Subsea Project Engineer – Technip

An Electrical and Mechanical Engineering professional with outstanding planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills that brings an exploratory appeal to our programming from Rocketry to our venture into STEAM programming.

Board Member – Glenn Raglon

Director of Customer Service, NPC

Author, Motivational Speaker, Community Advocate, Coach

Developing strategies to ensure effective achievement of departmental objectives. I monitor, evaluate, completion of tasks and site projects. Make final decision on administrative or operational matters related to commercial solutions team. For, over 20 years speaking at small & large events on improving our relationship within our communities, preparing our youth for the job market and adulthood challenges.  

Board Member – Ashlee Turner-Johnson

A technical champion using her skills to teach and spread the importance of digital literacy by creating a unique experience for each person she comes in to contact with. A kind soul dedicated to lighting a technical fire in every student of life. 

Board Member – Brandy Guidry

Consultant and Entrepreneur

As a third-generation engineer and through existing philanthropic efforts, she has made STEAM Outreach her passion. Brandy is a dedicated professional with over 15 years of combined experience in the Energy and Healthcare industries.  Outside of her entrepreneurial roles, Brandy has been a Manager within Engineering, Operations, and Commercial Business.

Board Member – Leahann Rodriguez

Leahann built her career in Banking by staying connected to the communities around her. One of the ways that she accomplishes this is through volunteer work with local organizations, including South Union Community Development Corporation. She brings a wealth of knowledge in Financial Literacy to our team, so we can provide the best resources for our parents and students.

Board Member – Jessica Rivas

Jessica possesses over eight years of diverse experience developing, implementing and managing programs and projects to improve rural communities via small wind turbines. As a child she dreamed of helping communities and has participated in programs in many countries focused on renewable energy. She has a strong passion encouraging the youth to pursue STEM education and explore practical experiences that can lead them to engage in those fields.  She serves as the renewable energy advisor for the South Union organization and hopes to bring small renewable projects to the Southside of Houston.