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The STEM Foundation

The STEM Foundation is a project-based program that presents Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, as well as, new elements of “Art, Architecture and Agriculture” in some very unique way. We call it “Sowing Seeds of Success”.

Who do we serve: Elementary (3rd-5th grade), Middle School and High School Students

Meeting dates and times: The program meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month from 9 am-1 pm. (We change to once a month from June-September; back to normal in October).


  • Hands-on learning about STEM topics, through workshops and special activities led by professionals and in collaboration with local STEM industry professionals from a variety of industries;
  • Participation in monthly field trips and other events that bring STEM learning to life;
  • Scholarships available through our “Time Banking” program. (When 9th – 12th grade students act as leaders / assistants in instruction, they are actually “Banking Time” towards a scholarship at the end of their senior year)

The program has been in existence since 2010. Check out some of our past activities by following us on Facebook.

Questions? For more information, contact us.

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