The Solar Panel Community Garden


The Solar Panel Community Garden is a project that was birthed from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teachings of The STEM Foundation program. This project will be an “Outdoor Classroom” application for their continual learning on Renewable Energy.  They will become “The New Power Generation” and youth “Solar Ambassadors” in their communities. This project will produce youth pioneers in Energy, the supply of fruits, vegetables for the seniors of the community and an educational destination for the entire city to visit and learn.


The project will be the culmination of lessons for the 3rd – 12th grade students of The STEM Foundation from the last two years on the following subjects and principles:

  • A responsibility to serve the community.
  • Science lessons that taught about the various forms of Alternative Energy.
  • January 2013 tour to a South Union community resident’s home that is a distributor / producer of Alternative Energy. (Solar Panels)
  • Summer 2013 participation in NASA’s Summer of Innovation program that educated them on Soil and Water Analysis.
  • A visit to the Alabama Gardens in 3rd Ward to see an example of a garden.


HELP US make this a REALITY with your DONATIONS, or by SPONSORING a piece of the project or FUND the entire Solar Panel Community Garden