The Solar Panel Farm


The Solar Panel Farm project was birthed from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teachings of The STEM Foundation program. The project will be an “Outdoor Classroom” application for their continual learning on Solar Energy.  They will build a 15 KV roof-top application with approximately 56 LG solar panels that are 275 watt.   The core of the project will be the monthly accounting of kilowatts produced for the Houston Youth Ranch horse stable and how much excess was sent to the Energy Grid.  Through this learning experience, The STEM Foundation students will become “The New Power Generation”.

The Farm is also designed to have extensions of learning in this application.  The project is being built on a 300-acre lot that is going to be a future Regional Park.  The county is in favor of championing the use of Renewable Energy devices throughout the park, but supportively encouraging the growth of the student’s Solar production from the original roof-top application to solar Arrays. (They are even open to Wind Turbines for educational purposes, considering the area is very low for wind energy production)  These extensions will also allow the students to learn / practice statistics as they strive to design future production systems to reduce and eventually overcome the energy needs of the park as it is built out.  


Along with the designed extensions of learning, some of the students will:

  • Learn Renewable Energy Art. (We have 2 Solar Trees designed as a part of the project – visitors can sit under the tree and read while charging their mobile devices)
  • Participate with an agricultural partner that will grow produce around the Solar Arrays for a supply of fruits and vegetables for the seniors of the community. Additional produce will be sold monthly at the Farmer’s Market to teach the students economic development.
  • Participate in the pinnacle of the project with the promotion of the project through the wearing of Solar Backpacks filled with literature / invitations to the future “Renewable Energy” park that will be an educational destination for the entire city to visit and learn.


After this, they will become “The Youth Solar Ambassadors”.


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