The Solar Panel Community Garden Destination Center

The Solar Panel Community Garden Destination Center is a project that was birthed from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math teachings of The STEM Foundation Program. This project will actually be a real-life application of their Science and Engineering teachings towards becoming leaders in their community. This project will produce youth pioneers in Alternative Energy, the supply of fruits, vegetables for the community and an education destination for the entire city.

The program is the culmination of The STEM Foundation’s 3rd – 12th graders programming from last year on the following principles:

  • Their need to serve their community.
  • Science lessons that taught about the various forms of Alternative Energy.
  • Last January’s student tour to a South Union community resident’s home that is a distributor / producer of Alternative Energy. (Solar Panels)
  • Last summer’s participation in NASA’s Summer of Innovation program that educated them on Soil and Water Analysis.
  • A visit to the Alabama Gardens in 3rd Ward to see an example of a garden.



Solar Panel Community Garden Print

South Union CDC Community Garden in Houston, Texas

The Solar Panel Community Garden project will be done on a 50’ x 100’ lot and the garden area will be 32’ x 80’. The garden will be off-set 15’ from the front of the property and 5’ from the back fence (there will be 9’ on each side of the garden). Each section shown above is 8’ x 8’ and will be framed up utilizing approximately fifty-five 4” x 4” x 8’ studs. The top of these studs will be capped with approximately 94 2” x 4” x 8’ studs that will provide the mounting surface for the 4’ x 8’ Solar Panels. There will be at least 50 various joist joints that will need to be added to secure the 2” x 4” boards. Of course, several nails or screws will be needed to secure everything together.
We are deciding whether to till and row the entire garden into 7’ x 7’ sections verses the use of the cylinder blocks like most people are utilizing these days. (Striving to keep cost down). Although the drawing shows 20 Solar Panels, we will actually start-up with only 10 panels that will be installed on the inner sections of the structure. (Each panel will cost approximately $283, so the initial investment of around $3,000 will get us started) The wiring will be run to have the wiring for the next panels already in place to ease the expansion of the project. (We plan to expand by 2 panels every other month and have the other 10 panels installed within a year)

The garden(s) will be on 2 properties in the South Union community that are adjacent to each other. Each is 50’ wide and 100’ deep, so the entire project will be 100’ wide and 100’ deep. (There’s also a lot next to it that we are trying to acquire an allow for a parking option).
The picture below (not at scale) attempts to reveal 2 separate gardens that will have Solar Panels on top. There will be a storage building in the middle back that will be for housing refrigerators for the harvest, generators, etc. to complete the delivery of power to Center Point Energy. We would like to have about 4 information Kiosks around the gardens and Play Ground in front of the storage building.


South Union CDC Solar Panel Garden Houston Texas

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