Board Members

Efrem Jernigan – President

Facilitates the organizing and management of the Board of Directors, as well as, recruitment to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization. Collaboratively designs the programming of the organization for the betterment of the South Union and surrounding communities with a strong passion towards seniors to enjoy life to the fullest and youth education in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career fields to expose and prepare them for the jobs that are awaiting them.

All accomplished through exercising “faith-based” to the fullest extent of walking by faith and not by sight. (If it hasn’t been done – Let’s do it!)

Operations Technician – LyondellBasell

Owner / Operator – Industrial Shuttle Services / Shuttles Unlimited, Inc.


Alvis Prince – Vice President

A deep thinker that compliments the President well with a broader perspective of views that breeds an end product that is as close to perfection as possible.  A true leader with over 20 years on engaging youth and adults through church leadership roles.

President – Houston Youth Ranch


Sandra Davis – Secretary

A passionate and dedicated soul that fell in love with the seniors aspect of the programming and her aroma has flowed throughout the organization to bring so much creativity in every program under our umbrella.  A joyful foot soldier that makes the mission more fun than work.  Every successful team must have an atomlike this!

Senior Administrative Manager, Office of County Affairs – UTMB


Andre DeRhode Martinez – Treasurer

As an athlete most of his life and recruited in 2008 as a football player for Texas Southern University, he’s now a “Creative Math Producer”.  He earned his accounting degree in 2013 and I think they taught him a hidden talent to teach Math in some very unique ways that has taken fear out of Math in The STEM Foundation program.

Staff Tax Accountant – McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy


Monique LaCour – Board Member

They call her “The Coach” and she has this smooth delivery that eases a scary cat into some Evil Knievel tasks.  Then she chimes in with, “Well done, grasshopper! I knew you’d take what you learned and run with it”.  Needless to say, our organization has found comfort in following her into some great future programming to come.

IT/Executive Coach | Corporate Trainer | Job Search Consultant – Career Management Services

Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer- Leadership – HCC-Corporate College


Damien Smith – Board Member

An Electrical and Mechanical Engineering professional with outstanding planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills that brings an exploratory appeal to our programming from Rocketry to our venture into STEAM programming. (We added the A for Arts and about to add a R as we improve students Reading skills)  

Subsea Project Engineer – Technip


Dr. Sonya Good – Board Member

A devoted Chemist that brings the “Cheerleader” component to our delivery through engaging her university students to volunteer towards delivering the Science lessons in a way that is so much fun that students want more time to learn. (Not to mention the “Frat-like chants after the lessons) 

Associate Professor of Chemistry – Texas Southern University


Advisory Board

Pratt Robinson – Robinson Printing Services

Gotthard Janson – Jacobs Engineering / NASA

Glenn Raglin – Media Solutions / Wind Systems

Shen Ge – Simplify Solar

Chirvon Hymes – Lyondellbasell Industries

Dr. Robert Ford – DRF Industries

Kimberly Baynes – Itz 4 Kidz

Barnara Cochran – University of Texas Health Science Center

Pat Griffin – Hope After The Journey

Dr. Howard Harris – People Family Workshop

Charmette Jones – Shamelessly Saved Productions

Karla Brown – The Providence on Southmore

James Allen – Knowledge 1st

William Collier – I’m Bully Free

Helen Golden

Rita Delasbour

Helen Cashaw