STEM Foundation – Science Class

The STEM Foundation started the new year off with a bang. The topic for the 1st Saturday is always Science, so the students were taught about Optical Physics and Engineering. (Instructor Alicia Zellers teaches them about lazers, DNA and how the insurance industry gauges risk utilizing Optical Science)

That 90 minutes was followed up by this presentation on the world of Colon and Rectal from a doctor that just finished earning her right to have DR on the start of her name. Dr. Jackie Turner did a marvelous job of enlightening us on the anatonomy from the mouth to the exit of waste. (Their was an abundance of questions and feedback from the audience, but time wouldn’t allow us to share it all)

In closing, this video is a product of the VOICES (Videos of Industry Companies Enlightening Students) aspect of The STEM Foundation program. We teach the kids how to video, edit and upload – sometimes, they make mistakes that they can later learn from. (The video recording devices was improperly held and the whole video has Black space on each side) But, it’s a capture of a great presentation, so the students edited and uploaded it as a lesson learned.

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