Ray Ochoa Jr., a graduate of the STEM Foundation program and a scholarship recipient, speaks to participants about his experience as a college student at Texas A&M University. In the video, Ray takes the opportunity to thank Dr. Bernard Harris (the first African American astronaut, and his benefactor) for the award. Ray is currently a self-described “Geek Squad agent, Mechanical Engineer student and tech/design addict.”


I find myself often volunteering and being a student on the weekends at the Judson Robinson community center for the South Union CDC. Mr. Efrem Jernigan and his team offer Saturday classes for those who are interested in S.T.E.M. My favorite, of course, is technology. During the technology classes in the past, we have: made our own video games, learned how to properly use code, and program robots to form the basics we need in order to upgrade our community. This use of technology has gained the interest of many students within the 3rd ward community area and further.

My interest in the project has sparked my courage to influence others, specifically minority females, to achieve their dreams and expand their mind to explore a world of leaders, role models, and success stories so that they can achieve greatness as well. This has bettered the community by impacting the youth to see a goal and to conquer their future in technology.

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in technology when I read an article about a fifteen-year-old, Ann Makosinski from Canada who designed and built a thermoelectric flashlight that transforms the heat from your hand into a source of energy, without the need for any batteries or electricity. She was inspired by the story of her friend in the Philippines, who failed at school because she had no light to study with once it got dark. Her device, which she calls the Hollow Flashlight, can last for over 20 minutes. It made me think that if she could do it to better the educational lives of students across the world, so can I. But, I need your help, support, and encouragement so I can do the same for millions of girls all around the world.

Victoria Baynes Lopez
Attending Sterling Aviation High School


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you for all of the support and encouragement. You have helped me not only academically, but emotionally.

This program has brought me out of my shell and gave me a feeling of empowerment. I truly appreciate everything you guys have done for me. South Union CDC is making history. That will last forever, and I am very grateful that I could be apart of it.

God bless you all, I love you!

Nadia Hooper
Attending Abilene Christian University





Natori in lab coat

This is Natori Garlington, from your STEM program. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything that you’ve taught me through the STEM program and for every opportunity that you’ve given to me.

I wanted to tell you that I am going to be participating in a STEM related major in college: Pre-Med. I also wanted to tell you that I’ve listed you as a reference on a few applications.

Overall, I just wanted to give you a big, big, big, thanks for everything you’re doing for us ‘STEM kids.’ Your program has had such a powerful impact on my future.

Please continue to bless other STEM kids with the same blessing that you’ve allowed me. Have a wonderful day.

Best Regards,

Natori Garlington


Thank you for helping me understand how important my college career is and also for exposing me to many successful African Americans. ENROLL NOW IN OUR FREE FALL PROGRAM



Thank you for helping me understand how important my college career is and also for exposing me to many successful African Americans. I had fun at the stem program and definitely will keep up with the STEM Program. I also will be looking for similar programs so I can contribute and help other children who want to major in Math, Science or Engineering. I am grateful for the scholarship you gave me and will use the money to pay my remaining Housing balance and purchase books. I’m excited to attend UNT and will not let any of my blessing be in vain. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet you. I look forward to graduating so that I can come back and teach kids in your program.

Thanks again.

Tyraus Bracey
c/o 2017


Today was a great day at STEM. The children were guided through a chemistry expiriment about electrolysis. My reluctant to go daughter said at the end, ” I have to admit the expirement was fun”. Please consider bringing your child to this affordable, engaging educational eperience. Register now before the spaces are filled. The program is for 3rd – 12th grade. Middle school and high school groups have the most open spaces. High school students are offered internships and possible scholarships. Please forward to anyone that you think may be interested.

Jaye McAfee, STEM Parent

When I first heard of the Solar Panel Community Garden Destination Center I was incredibly amazed. I can’t wait for it and I encourage everyone to make any size donation.

Alan Smith, CEO

The Senior Lunch Program is one of the best approaches I’ve come across to nurture our seniors. I can’t wait for 2012’s future programs.

Elizabeth Grosh, Director